Positive Behaviour For Learning - PB4L

Positive Behaviour for Learning’ is our school-wide initiative which helps to develop a school culture that supports positive behaviour,  learning, and well-being. It is about changing the environment, systems and practices to support tamariki to make positive choices. To achieve this we curated our school values with the students, Thoughtfulness, Inclusion, Respect, and Openness. The students are taught how to show these overarching values, in their everyday lives. Our TIRO rewards involve steps where students can achieve our highly regarded Rainbow Bands. 


We show thoughtfulness when we are thinking deeply about things such as problem solving, including the impact of their actions on others and the environment. 


We show inclusion when we are including everyone and ensuring everyone can participate in the environment. 


We are respectful when we think about feelings and actions that show you care about others and the environment. 


We are open to learning when we are willing to learn new skills and grow an understanding of differences in the culture and diversity of others.